Noah Van H. Nguyen was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. At the age of nineteen, she soon realized that her love for art was bigger than just a hobby, which motivated her to leave Law School and go to Tokyo to start over again as an Art student. After she completed her BA Art at Temple University, Japan Campus, Noah is working as a graphic designer, painter and illustrator in Tokyo. As a Vietnamese who is studying at an American university in Japan, she has experienced Japanese culture from a unique perspective.

Noah’s paintings open the door to a world of imagination through her personal symbolism. Audiences go on a journey to her surreal “Wonderland,” populated by mythical creatures, magical plants and dreamy figures. The poses’ of her figures display emotion and meaning, together with her imaginative nature, each painting has its own narrative. The relationship between reality and dream plays an important part in her works.

As a graphic designer, Noah has worked on many different projects such as Ai-Konic Project and The Pepsi Now Network. Noah focuses her works on branding, UI/UX design, fashion design, and editorial design.


2014                 Winner of TUJ Holiday Card Contest, Temple University, Tokyo, Japan

2015                 Noddin Scholarship, AIG Cooporation, Tokyo, Japan

2015-2017         TUJ Undergraduate Merit Scholarship, Temple University, Tokyo, Japan


2015                 TUJ Annual Student Exhibition, Minato-ku Exhibition Space,Tokyo, Japan

2016                 Blurry Vision, Mitake Garou Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2016                 Art Soup, Mitake Garou Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2016                 In the Kingdom of Dreams and Memories, Cafe Goodtime, Tokyo, Japan