Artist Statement

When I was a kid, I believed that Wonderland existed somewhere and that as long as I stayed good, someone would come to take me there, like Peter Pan took Wendy to Neverland. However, one day I realized that Peter Pan would never come for me. So I decided to build one for myself.

I’m not good at explaining myself. My creations represent things that I can’t put into words. What I can’t explain in words, they will speak for me. They are my family and my friends, my happiness and sorrow, my dreams and nightmares. They were born for me therefore they will stay with me forever. I left my young, childish, vulnerable self in Wonderland to become an “adult,” but I don’t feel “adult” yet. Somewhere deep inside I’m still a little girl who loves fairytales and believes in magic. She is always there, waiting for me in my Wonderland.

In life, there will be times that everything goes wrong. No matter how hard you try to pull yourself together, deep inside you are breaking apart. The world outside becomes something so dangerous and threatening, you want to run away, but there is no place to hide. Inevitably you will give up on fighting and let yourself fall into the endless darkness.

I’m not afraid of darkness anymore. What I lost in this world, I will create even more beautiful in my Wonderland.